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Who are we ?

Flying Logistics

Based in Liège, Belgium Flying Logistics is specialized in customs clearance and logistics of goods coming from China. Air freight, sea freight or rail freight, all shipments are handled by our team professionally and seriously. Feel free to contact us if you need more informations !

our vision

We know that our customers need us to provide the best services so we give guarantee of quality for the best rates. Our 1st priority and goal is to statisfy our customers perfectly and on time. Thanks to our experiences we also help you by giving you advises for transportation and customs clearance.

Your best solution !

Why choose us ?

You need to pick-up your container in Antwerp or your shipment in Liege airport, palletize your goods, split by customers, make clearance and deliver to Germany, or France, or anywhere ? You're in the right place !

timely delivery

Time is money and your customers won't wait. We know it, so your delivery will be prepared and organized by following your instructions and requirements

world wide delivery

We can deliver anywhere you need, wherever your goods are, by truck, rail, air or sea.

Handling & storage

Often your goods need to be palletized and labellized in a certain way. We also provide storage and handling of your shipments in our warehouse.

Transport & logistics

Effecient and professional, our dispatch team is experienced in logistics and will help you to deliver your shipments wherever and on time.

B2B or B2C, we are working with the best partners and will find the solution you need for the delivery of your goods.

Also, we keep you informed about the status of your shipment by mail or WeChat for our chinese customers.

need emergency transportation

Take contact right now with our logisticians by sending an e-mail


Customs clearance

E-commerce or not, duty and sometime VAT need to be payed in destination. This step is inevitable and crucial for you, and you need the best partner to do these customs formalities for you.

Customs can be difficult to understand,maybe you don't have any idea of what to do, what is required, how much you will pay.

Our Customs team can sure help you and give you the best advises to clear your shipments for you to receive your goods in all tranquillity

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We are also present in UK


We also provide storage and warehousing.
As ZIH agent, we receive LCL rail shipments to split by customers, palletize and store till pick-up or delivery by demand. If you need more information about ZIH shipments contact us

Customs controls happen sometimes and your shipment needs to be unloaded for inspection. The goods under control will be prepared for the customs agent and after control your shipment will be palletized or reloaded in loose according to your instructions

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Flying Logistics
Flying Logistics
Flying Logistics
Flying Logistics